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Cassell's Dutch Dictionary, 36th edition, Macmillan publishing.
Prisma Woordenboek: Nederlands-Engels, Het Spectrum BV.
Wolters Ster Woordenboek: Nederlands-Engels.
Wolters Nederlands Koenen Woordenboek: Nederlands-Nederlands.
Dutch 105 class notes. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Fall 1995.

NOTE: This dictionary uses an alphabet listing file which is common to multiple dictionaries on this site. It therefore contains letters which are found in one language, but not another.
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a v the letter a (see een for the indefinite article a).
aaien (aaide, h. geaaid) vt stroke (e.g. someone's hair), caress; pet (an animal); chuck (under the chin).
aan prep on, upon (e.g. a wall -- contrast with op); at (e.g. the dinner table). Also used with het + verb infinitive to indicate current action: Zij is aan het eten -- She is eating now.
aanmeten (meette aan, h. aangemeten) vt take one's measure for (e.g. a suit).
aanzien I. (zag aan, h. aangezien) vt look at; look upon, consider. II. o look, aspect; consideration, regard; prestige, esteem.
aanzienlijk ad considerable, substantial; distinguished, notable.
aap (apen) m monkey.
aardappel (-s or -en) m potato.
aarzelen (aarzelde, h. geaarzeld) vi hesitate, waver.
achter prep behind, after (in space -- contrast with na), at the back of.
af prep off (see also uit); down (see also neer).
afpakken (pakte af, h. afgepakt) vt snatch.
afsluiten (sloot af, h. afgesloten) < EM>vt lock (a door); block, close (a road, an account, a store); turn off (the gas); balance (the books); conclude, effect (a contract).
afstand (-en) I. m distance (with a concrete measure -- see also verte): een afstand van tien kilometer -- a distance of ten kilometers. II. m abdication; relinquishment; cession, surrender, renunciation.
afwachten (wachtte af, h. afgewacht) vt wait for, await (a person, a train, one's turn, a decision); wait and see.
al I. (-le) aj all, every. alle vier -- all four; al met al -- all in all; alle redenen om -- every reason to. When talking about people, use allen : Met z'n allen -- All of them. II. ad already, yet: Is het eten al klaar? -- Is dinner ready yet? . III. cj though, although, even if, even though: Al is hij groot, ben ik niet bang voor hem -- Even if (Even though) he is big, I am not afraid of him.
allee (-'s) v avenue.
alleen I. ad alone; single-handedly; by oneself; lonely (see also eenzaam). II. ad only, merely (see also maar).
allemaal pron all, one and all, the lot of them.
allerlei I. aj of all sorts; miscellaneous; various. II. m miscellany (literary).
allermeest aj most, most of all.
allerminst I. aj least, least possible. II. ad least of all.
allernaast aj very nearest; very next.
alles pron all, everything: Is dit alles? -- Is this all (there is)?
als ad like, similar to; (such) as; as; by way of; as if.
altijd ad always, ever.
ander I. (-e) aj other: andere kinderen -- other children. II. (-en) pron other: een ander -- another (man, woman, dog, hat); onder andere(n) -- among other things (people); de andere(n) -- the others (with n: the other people), the rest of them.
anders I. aj other: iets anders -- something else, something different; iemand anders -- anybody else, somebody else. II. ad otherwise, differently; at other times; in other respects.
antwoord (-en) o answer, reply; rejoinder.
appel (-en or -s) I. m (pronounced APpel) apple. II. o (pronounced apPEL) appeal (legal); parade, roll-call: appel houden -- call the roll.
appeleren (appeleerde, h. geappeleerd) vt appeal, lodge an appeal.

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ba ij pooh!
baan (banen)v path, way, road; course, track; orbit; rink; slide; alley; breadth, width; stripe.
badgast (badgasten)m visitor.
badplaats (-en) v spa, watering place; seaside resort.
bal (ballen)m ball; bowl; testicle.
beetje (-s)o bit, little.
beginnen (begon, h. begonnen) vt begin, commence, start.
begrafenis (-sen) v funeral, burial, interment.
begraven vt bury.
begrip (begrippen)o (idee) idea, notion, conception; (bevatting) understanding, comprehension, apprehension.
bekend known; well-known, noted, famous.
bekijken (bekeek, h. bekeken) vt look at, view.
bellen (belde, h. gebeld)vi & vt ring.
ben (bennen) v basket, hamper.
bepalen (bepaalde, h. bepaald) vt fix; appoint; stipulate; provide, lay down, decree, enact.
bergen vt put; store; hold, contain; salve; recover.
beroemd famous, renowned, illustrious, celebrated.
beslissen (besliste, h. beslist) vt decide; arbitrate.
bestaan vt be, exist; o existence.
bestuurder (-s bestuurderen -en)m governor, director, administrator.
beter aj better.
bevelen vt order, command, charge; commend.
bewegen vi,vt move; stir.
bezetten vt occupy; take; fill; cast.
bezetting (-en) v occupation; cast; strength.
bezettinsleger o army of occupation.
bezinken vi settle; sink.
bezinking (bezinkingen) v sedimentation.
bezoeken vt visit; go to see; attend; frequent.
bezoekuur (bezoekuren)o visiting hour.
bier o beer, ale.
bij prep by, with, near, about.
bijkomen vi come to oneself again, come around.
bijvoegen v add, join, subjoin, annex.
binnen prep within. ad come in!
binnenkomen vi come in; get in, enter.
bladgoud o gold-leaf.
bladzij (bladzijde) (-den)v page.
blaffen (blafte, h. geblaft)vi bark.
blauw aj blue.
bleef (bleven) VT,v (blijven) remained.
bleven VT,v (blijven) remained.
blijven vi remain, stay.
bloed o blood.
bloeden (bloedde, h. geblowed) vi bleed.
bloeien (bloeide, h. gebloeid)vi blood, blosson, flower.
bloem (-en) v flower.
blond blond, fair, light.
blootsvoets barefoot.
boeren (boerde, h. geboerd) vi farm, be a farmer; belch.
bomen (boomde, h. geboomd)vt punt, pole. vi yarn, spin a yarn.
bordje (-s)o plate; board, sign.
boven prep,ad above.
branding (-en) v breakers, surf.
breken vi break, be broken.
brengen vt carry; put; see; bring.
brief (brieven) m letter, epistle.
brood (broden)o bread.
buiten prep outside, out of, without, beyond.
buitenkansje (-s) good luck, god send.
buitenkant (-en) m outside, exterior.
buitenwijk (-en) v suburb.
bus (-sen) m,v bus.
buur (buren) m neighbour.
buurkind (buurkinderen) o neighbour's child.

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cel (-len)v cell.
cijfer (-s)o figure; cipher; mark.
cijferschrift (-en)o numerical notation; cipher, code.
cirkel (-s) m circle.
citroen (-en) m,v lemon.

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daar ad there. cj as, because.
daarbij near it; over and above this, besides, moreover, in addition, at that.
daarbinnen within, in there.
daarin in there; in it.
daarmee (darmede) with that.
daarmede with that.
daarmee with that.
daarom therefore, for that reason.
daarop on it, on that; there-upon, upon (after) this.
dacht (dachten) VT v denken thought.
dag (dagen) m day.
dan ad then. cj than.
dat aanw, vnw that.
deed (deden)VT, v (doen) made; worked.
deel (delen) o part, portion, share; volume; movement. v deal, board; treshing-floor.
dek (dekken)o cover,covering; bed-clothes; horse-cloth; deck.
denken (dacht, h. gedacht) vi,vt think.
deur (-en)v door.
dezelfde the same.
dicht aj closed; dense; close, thick, tight; clogged. ad closely; densely.
dichtbij close by, hard by, near.
dichtdoen (deed dicht, h. dichtgedaan) vt shut, close.
die aanw,vnw that, those. betr, vnw which, who, that, that!
dienen (diende, h. gediend) vt serve.
dienst (diensten) m service.
dienstmeisje (-s) o servant-girl.
dijk (-en)m dike, bank, dam.
dik aj thick, big, bulky, burly, stout; plump.
dikwijls often, frequently.
direct aj direct; straight.
dode (-n)m,v dead man, dead woman; deceased.
doen (deed, h. gedaan) vt do, work; make; put; be worth; take.
dokter (-s dokteren doktoren) m doctor, physician.
donker aj dark, obscure, gloomy, sombre, dusky, dim.
door prep through; by; due to, on account of.
doorheen through.
doorzetten (zette door, h. doorgezet) vt carry through, see out, go on with. va persevere, carry on.
doos (dozen)v box, case.
draai (-en)m turn; twist, turning, winding.
dragen vt bear (a weight, sorrow, fruit, the ice bears); wear (clothes); carry (s.t. from one place to another).
draven (draafde, h. gedraafd) vi trot.
dreef (dreven)v alley, lane; field, region.
dreef (dreven)VT,v (drijven) floated, swam; drifted.
drift (-en)v drove, flock; drift.
driftig aj passionate, quick-tempered, fiery, hasty.
drijven (dreef, h. gedreven) vi float, swim; drift.
droef sad, afflicted. (rare. much less frequent than droevig.
droefheid v sadness, affliction, sorrow.
dromen (droomde, h. gedroomd)vi&vt dream.
droog aj dry, arid; parched.
druk aj busy, crowded, bustling, lively; fussy, noisy.
druk (-ken)m pressure; squeeze; burden; print.
drukken (drukte, h. gedrukt)ct press; squeeze, weigh (heavy) upon, oppress, depress; print.
duim (duimen) m thumb.
dun aj thin, slender; small, washy, clear, rare.
durf m daring.
dus ad thus, in that way. cj consequently, so, therefore.
duw (duwen) m push, thrust, shove.
dwalen (dwaalde, h. gedwaald) vi roam, wander.

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eens once, one day, once upon a time; just.
eer aj & cj before, sooner; rather.
eer (eerder) v honour; credit.
eerst aj first; early; prime; premier; first-rate; leading.
ei (eieren) o egg.
eigen own, of one's own, private, separate; characteristic; familiar, initmate.
eind (einden) o end; ending; close, termination; piece; bit; length; in.
eindelijk finally, at last, ultimately, in the end, at length.
elk every; each; any.
en and; both.
enig aj sole, single, only, unique.
er there.
erg aj bad, ill, evil. ad badly.
ergens somewhere.
ernst m earnestness, earnest, serousness, gravity.
ernstig aj earnest; serious, grave; pensive; solemn.
eten vt eat. o food.
even aj even. ad equally; just.
ezel o ass, donkey; (with schilder)easel.

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ferm fine; smart; energetic; spirited.
fles (flessen) v bottle.
flessen (fleste, h. geflest) vt swindle, cheat.
fris aj fresh; refreshing; cool.
frons (-en fronsen fronzen) v frown, wrinkle.

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gaan vi go.
gang (gangen) m passage, corridor; alley; gallery; gait, walk; speed, rate; progress.
gauw aj quick, swift.
gebaar (gebaren) o gesture, gesticulation; motion; sign.
gebeurde het what (had) happened, the happenings, the occurance(s), the incident.
gebeuren (gebeurde, is gebeurd) vi happen, chance, occur, come about, come to pass.
gebouw (gebouwen) o building, edifice, structure.
gebruik (-en)o use; employment; consumption; custon, habit practice, usage.
geduld o patience, forbearance.
geduldig patient.
geef for nothing; dirt-cheap.
geeuwen (geeuwde, h. gegeeuwd)vi yawn.
gegeten VD v. eten eaten.
geheel aj whole, entire, complete.
gehoor o hearing; audience, auditory; sound.
gehouden be bound to.
gelach o laughter, laughing.
gelijk aj similar, identical, alike, equal, even; level, smooth; ad alike, similarly.
geloof (-loven)o faith, creed, belief; trust.
gemaakt made; ready-made, ready-to-wear; affected, pretentious.
gemak (-ken)o ease, facility; comfort; don't move.
gemakkelijk aj easy; commodious; comfortable.
genadig aj merciful, gracious.
genieten vt enjoy, savour.
genoeg enough, sufficient.
gerecht aj just, condign, righteous. (archaic - used only in BiblicalTexts.)
gerecht (gerechten) o court; tribunal; course; dish.
gereden VD v. rijden rode.
geregeld aj regular, orderly, fixed.
gerust aj quiet; easy. ad quietly.
geschapen VD v scheppen created.
gescholden VD v. schelden called names.
geslagen VD v. slaan beaten.
gesloten VD v. sluiten shut, closed; sealed; uncommunicative.
gespeel o playing.
gesprek (-en)o conversation, talk.
gesteld supposing.
gesticuleren (gesticuleerde, h. gegesticuleerd) vi gesticulate.
getal (-len)o number.
getroosten (getroostte, h. getroost) bear patiently, put up with.
geur (geuren) m smell, odour, fragrance, aroma, perfume.
geval (gevallen) o case; affair.
gevlogen VD,v (vliegen)
gevolg (gevolgen) o followers, suite, train, retinue; consequence, result; effect.
geweest VD,v (wezen en zijn) be, being.
geweken VD v. wijken gave way, yielded.
gewezen late, former, ex-.
gewezen VD v. wijzen showed.
gewoon aj (gewend) accustomed, used to, usual; common; ordinary; plain.
geworden (gewerd, is geworden) come to hand.
gezellig v. persoon companionable, social, convivial; snug, cosy; social, gregarious.
gezicht (-en)o sight; face; mug; looks, countenance; vision; view.
gezocht VD v. zoeken in demand, in request, sought after; studied, affected; far-fetched.
gezond aj heathy; wholesome; sound; sane; in good health.
ginds aj yonder, yon. ad over there.
ging (gingen) VT,v (gaan) gone.
glazen aj (of) glass, glassy.
goed aj good; correct,right; kind; well.
golven (golfde, h. gegolfd)vt, vi wave, undulate.
gooi (gooien) m cast, throw.
gooien (gooide, h. gegooid) vt fling, cast, throw.
gordijn (-en) o&v curtain; blind.
graad (graden) m degree; rank, grade, degree.
graag aj eager. ad gladly, readily, willingly.
gracht (-en)v canal; ditch, moat.
grap (-pen)v joke, jest.
grappenmaker (-s)m wag, joker.
graven vt dig; burrow; sink.
grazen (graasde, h. gegraasd)vi graxe, pasture, feed.
greep (greepen) grip,grasp; clutch; handful.
greep (grepen) VT v. grijpen caught; seized; grasped.
grijpen vt catch, seize, lay hold of, grasp.
groen aj green.
grond (-en)m ground, earth, soil; foundation.
groot aj large, big; boluminous; great, big; vast.
grote (-n)m grown-up person, adult.
gruwelijk aj abominable, horrible, atrocious.

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haakje (-s) o bracket, parenthesis.
haar bez, vnmw her; their.
haar (haren)o hair.
haard (-en)m hearth, fireside, fireplace; stove; focus.
haastig aj hasty, hurried.
hakken (hakte, h. gehakt) vt&vi cut, chop, hack, hew.
halen (haalde, h. gehaald)vt fetch; get; draw, pull; run.
hand (handen)vt hand.
handhaven (handhaafde, h. gehandhaafd) maintain, vindicate.
hangen vt hang.
haven (-s)v harbour, port, haven; docks.
he hey!, ha!, ah!, oh!, o!, I say!.
hebben vt have.
heel aj whole, entire. ad quite.
heen away.
heerlijk aj glorious; splendid; lovely; delicious, delightful, divine.
heet aj hot; torrid.
heffen vt raise, lift, levy.
heftig vehement, violent.
helemaal wholly, totally, entirely, quite, altogether.
hem pers voornw him.
hen (-nen)v hen.
hen them.
herhaald repeated.
herinneren (herinnerde, h. herinnerd) recall; remind.
herstel o reparation, repair.
herstel (herstelde, is hersteld) va recover.
heten (heette, h. hegeet)vt heat.
heten vt name, call; order, bid. vi be named.
hield (hielden)VT,v (houden) held.
hieronder underneath, below; at the foot; among these.
hij he.
hing (hingen) VT,v (hangen) hung: past tense of to hang.
hoe how.
hoed (hoeden) m hat; bonnet.
hoek (hoeken)m angle; corner; hook.
hoekje (-s)o corner, nook.
hond (-en)m dog, hound.
hoofd (-en)o head.
hoofdstad (-steden)v capital city, capital, metropolis.
hoog o high.
horen (hoorde, h. gehoord) vt hear; learn.
houden vt hold; contain; keep.
hout o wood; timber.
huishouding (houshoudingen) v house keeping; household, family.
hun their, them.
huppelen (huppelde, h. gehuppeld) vi hop, skip.

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Note: The single letter IJ, traditionally placed between X and Z in the Dutch alphabet, is increasingly omitted from Dutch dictionaries. In keeping with this trend, and to assist clarity for the student of Dutch, words which begin with IJ are listed as though they begin with I in this dictionary.

iemand somebody, someone; anybody.
iets voornw something, anything. ad somewhat, a little.
inbegrepen all in, everything included.
inderdaad indeed, really.
ineens all at once.
intussen meanwhile, in the meantime; yet.
inwonen vi live in.
inwoner (-s)m inhabitant, resident.

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ja ad & o yes.
jaar (jaren)o year.
jarenlang aj of years, of many years' standing. ad for years.
jas (jasen) m&v coat.
jasje m&v jacket.
je pers vnmw you.
jodenbuurt (jodenbuurten) v Jewish quarter.
jongen (-s)m boy, lad; boyfriend, sweetheart.
jood (joden) m Jew.
Joods Jewish; Judaic.
juichen (juichte, h. gejuicht)vi shout, jubilate.

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kachel (-s)v stove.
kalm calm, quite, composed, peaseful, untroubled.
kamer (-s)v room, chamber.
kant (kanten) m side; border; edge; brink; margin; aspect.
kapot broken, out of order, gone to pieces; in holes.
keek (keken)VT (kijken) looked.
keer (keren) m turn; time.
keilen (keilde, h. gekeild) vt fling, pitch.
kennen (kende, h. gekend) vt know, be aquainted with.
kennis (kennissen) v knowledge; aquaintance; know-how.
keren (keerde, h. gekeerd) vt turn; stem, stop, check.
keuken (-s) v kitchen; cooking.
keur (-en) v choice; selection; hallmark; bylaw.
kijken vi look, have a look, peep; view, watch. ah!
kind (kinderen)o child, babe, baby, infant.
kindervriend (-en)m lover of children.
klaar aj clear; evident; ready; finished.
klap (-pen)m slap, smack, blow, buffet.
klein aj little, small; pretty; short; slight.
klingelen (klingelde, h. geklingeld) vi jingle, tinkle.
klink (-en)v latch.
klinken vi sound, ring; clink.
klok (-ken) v clock; bell; bell-jar.
klonk (klonken) VT v. klinken clinked.
knollentuin pleased as punch.
knorren (knorde, h. geknord)vi grunt; grumble, growl.
koe (koeien)v cow.
koffer (-s)m box; boot, trunk.
kogel (-s)m ball; bullet.
komen vi come.
kon (konden) VT (kunnen)
konijn (-en) o rabbit.
koning (koningen) m king.
kook bring to boil.
kop (kopen)m head; snob; cup; litre; crest.
koren o corn, grain.
korenzak (-ken)m cornsack.
kort aj short, brief.
krakelen (krakeelde, h. gekrakeeld) vi quarrel.
krant (-en)v (news)paper.
kreeg (kregen) VT van krijgen) got, received.
kreet (kreten)m cry, scream, shriek.
kregen VT meerv. v. krijgen received.
kriebelen (kriebelde, h. gekriebeld) vt,vi tickle.
krijgen vt get; receive, obtain; acquire; catch.
kuil (-en)m pit, hole; clamp; waist.
kunnen vi,vt be able.
kuren (kuurde, h. gekuurd) vi zie een kuur doen.
kurk o & m cork.
kwam (kwamen) VT (komen) came.

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laag aj low; base, mean, low-minded.
laat aj late.
lachen vi laugh.
lag (lagen) VT (liggen) laid, was situated.
laken o cloth; sheet.
land (-en)o land; country; nation.
landen (landde, h. geland)vt land, disembark.
lang aj long; tall, high.
langs prep along; past; by.
langzaam aj slow, tardy, lingering.
lap (-pen) m piece; rag, tatter; patch; cloth.
last (-en) o load; cargo; (fig.) burden; trouble, nuisance.
laten hulpww let.
later aj later.
leeftijd (-en)m lifetime; age.
leeg empty; vacant; idle.
leer (leren)v ladder; doctrine; teaching; theory; apprenticeship; o leather.
lekker aj nice, delicious, good; sweet; fine.
lelijk aj ugly; plain; nasty; badly.
lepel (-s)m spoon; ladle; ear (of animal).
leraar (-s en, -raren)m teacher; minister.
letten (lette, h. gelet) vi mind! mark you! Pay attention!
leven o life; noise, hubbub.
leven vt live.
lied (-eren)o song; hymn.
lief aj dear, beloved; amiable; sweet, pretty; kind.
liefde (liefdes)o love, sweetheart.
liep (liepen) VT, v (lopen) ran.
liggen vi lie; be situated.
ligstoel (-en) m reclining-chair, lounge-chair.
lijfje (-s)o bodice, corsage.
lijk (lijven)o body.
lijken vi be (look) like, resemble; seem, appear.
litteken (-s) o scar.
loop (lopen)m run; walk, gate; march.
lopen vi walk; run; go.
los aj loose; detached.
lucht (-en) v air; sky; smell, scent.
luik (-en) o shutter; trapdoor; hatch; panel.

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maar cj but; only.
maat (maten) v measure, size; time; bar; metre.
mag v (mogen) allowed.
man (mannen) m man; husband.
mantel (-s) m cloak, mantle; coat; certificate; jacket.
mede ad=mee
medelijden o compassion, pity.
mee v Also, likewise, as well; madder; mead.
meegeven vt give; vi yield, give way, give.
meer more.
meer (meren)o lake.
meest aj most.
meeuw (-en)v (sea-)gull.
meisje (-s)o girl; servant-girl; fiancee, sweetheart.
melodie (-ieen)v melody, tune.
men one, people, man, a man, they, we, you.
mens (-en)m man; woman; people, mankind.
merk (-en) o mark; brand; trade mark.
merken (merkte, h. gemerkt) vt mark; perceive, notice.
met prep with.
midden (-s)o middle, midst, center.
minder aj less, fewer; inferior.
mocht (mochten) VT v. mogen I. might; was allowed to: past tense of may. II. liked; got along with.
moedig courageous, brave; spirited.
moeilijk aj difficult, hard, troublesome.
moeite trouble; difficultie; pains, labour.
moeitevol aj hard.
moelijk difficult, hard, troublesome.
moeten vi, vt be compelled, be obliged, be forced.
moevol hard.
mogen be allowed, be permitted. vt like.
molen (-s)n mill.
mompelen (mompelde, h. gemompeld) vi & vt mutter, mumble.
mond (-en)m mouth; orifice; muzzle.
mooi aj handsome, fine, beautiful, pretty.
museum (musea museumen museums)o museum.

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naar prep to; according to; after; by; aj disagreeable, unpleasant, sad, dismal.
naast aj nearest, next. prep next.
nadat cj after (used with expressions of time). See achter for expressions involving place.
nam (namen) VT v. nemen took.
nat o wet, liquid.
nauwelijks scarcely, hardly, barely; no sooner...than...
Nederland o the Netherlands.
Nederlands o het Dutch.
neer down.
nemen vt take; capture; negotiate; engage, book; fool.
net (-ten) o net; string bag; rack; network. aj neat; smart, trim; tidy, clean; decent, nice.
neurien (neuriede, h. heneuried)vt, vi hum.
niemand nobody, no one, none.
niets pron nothing.
nieuw aj new; fresh.
nieuwgierig inquisitive, curious.
niks nothing.
nodig aj necessary, requisite, needful. ad necessarily, needs. o het
nog yet, still, besides, further.
nogal rather, fairly.
nou (=nu) now.
nu ad now, at present; by this time, by now.
nummer (-s)o numbers; size; item; act; event.

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och oh! ah!
of or; if, whether.
offer (-s)o offering, sacrifice; victim.
ogen (oogde, h. heoogd)vi look; aim at; look good.
om prep round; at; every; for; because of, on account of.
omdat because, as.
omgang (-en) m intercourse, association; company; round; procession; rotation; gallery.
omheen about, round about.
omhoog on high, aloft, up.
omringen (omringde, h. omringd) vt surround, encircle.
onder prep under, beneath; among; during; among others.
onderen (onder)
onderscheid o difference; distinction, discrimination.
ongeduldig impatient.
ongeveer about, some, approximately, roughly.
onmiddellijk aj immediate, instant.
ons pers vnmw us; bez vnmew our.
ontdaan disconcerted, upset; taken aback.
ontdekken vt discover; find out; detect.
ontlasten (ontlastte, h. ontlast) vt undurden; discharge; disembogue; relieve oneself.
onttrekken vt withdraw from.
onttrokken withdrew.
onverwacht unexpected, unlooked for.
onverwachts unexpectedly, unawares.
Onze-Lieve-Heer m our Lord.
Onze-Lieve-Vrouw v Our Lady.
Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk (-en)v Our Lady's Church.
oorlog (oorlogen) m war, warfare.
oosten o east.
op prep on, upon, at, in. ad up.
opdat that, in order that.
oprapen vt pick up, take up.
openbreken vt burst, break open.
opendoen vt open the door, answer the door.
opfrissen (friste 'op, is 'opgefrist) vi freshen. vt refresh, revive.
opfrissing (-en)v refreshment.
opgelegd laid-up; veneered; marked.
opgewekt aj cheerful, in high spirits; animated.
opnieuw anew, again, a second time.
oprapen vt pick up, take up.
opzij aside.
ouder aj older; elder. (-s) parent.
over prep along; over; beyond; above, upwards of, over; by way of, via; in; opposite.
overal everywhere; overalls, dungarees.
overbuur (-buren)m opposite neighbour.
overeind on end, upright, up, erect.
overheen over, across; on top.

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pa ('s) m papa, daddy.
paar (paren) o pair; couple, brace.
paard (-en) o horse; knight.
paardje (-s) o little horse.
pas (-sen) m pace, step; pass; defile; o where proper. ad scarcely, hardly, newly.
pastoor (-s) m priest.
pastor (-s) m pastor.
pats (-en) v smack, slap. ij slap!, bang!
pensioen pension.
perron (-s) o platform.
persen (perste, h. geperst) vt press, sequeze.
peukje o cigarette butts.
pijnlijk painful.
plaatsen (plaatste, h. geplaatst) t place, put; station, post; place (orders); insert, put (advertisement); invest (money); appoint; attach (an officer to a regiment).
plezier o pleasure.
plots (plotseling) ad suddenly; all of a sudden.
plukken (plukte, h. geplukt) t pick, gather.
polder (-s) m polder.
pop (-pen) v doll; puppet;
potlood (-loden) o pencil.
potten (potte, h. gepot) vt to pot [as in plants].
praat m talk, tattle; boasting.
precies aj precise, exact.
puilen (puilde, h. gepuild) vi protrude, bulge.

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ramen (raamde, h. geraamd) vt estimate.
rand (-en) m brim; rim; border; edge; fringe.
rapen (raapte, h. geraapt)vi&vt pick up, gather; glean.
recht aj right, straight; right (as opposed to privilege). For right as in correct, see goed.
rede (-en) v roads, roadstead.
reed (reden)VT v (rijden) rode; travelled.
regent (-en) mregent; governor.
regering (-en)v reign, rule.
reis (-en)n journey, voyage, trip; time.
rennen (rende, h. en is gerend) vi race, run, gallop.
rest (-en) v rest, remainder.
richting (-en) v direction, trend; persuasion, creed, orientation, views, line.
rieken vi smell (= ruiken).
rijden vi ride; drive; travel.
rijgdraad (rijgdraden) m tacking-thread, basting-thread.
rioleren (rioleerde, h. gerioleerd) vt sewer.
riolering (-en) sewerage.
roep (-en)m call, cry; repute.
roepen vi call, cry; shout.
rokerig smoky.
rook (rooken) VT v. rieken en ruiken smelled.
rook m smoke.
rug (-gen)m back; ridge; bridge.
ruiken vt smell, scent.
ruit (-en)v diamond; lzenge; rhomb; pane [of window].
rups (-sen) v caterpillar.
rust v rest, repose.

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salueren (salueerde, h. gesalueerd) vi & vt salute.
samen together.
schare (-en) v crowd, multitude.
scharen (schaarde, h. geschaard) vt range, draw up.
scheen (schenen) v shin.
scheen (schenen) VT v. schijnen seemed.
schelden vi call names, use abusive language.
schenken vt (gieten) pour; (geven) give, grant; va serve drinks.
scheppen vt create, make.
schepsel (-en)o creature.
scherm (-en) o screen; curtain.
schonk (schonken)VT v schenken gave a gift.
schooltas (-sen) v satchel, schoolbag.
schoon aj clean; pure; neat; beautiful, fine, fair. cj though, although. (note: as a conjunction, schoon is now obsolete. Use ofschoon or hoewel).
schoppen (schopte, h. geschotpt)vi kick.
schouwburg (-en) m theatre, playhouse.
schreeuw (-en)m cry, shout, sceech.
schrift (-en)o het (geschrevene) writing.
schrijven vt write.
schrikken vi be fightened; startle.
schrok (schrokken) VT v. schrikken startled; frightened.
seizoen (-en) o season.
sigaret (-ten)v cigarette.
sinds prep since.
sindsdien since.
sint (-en)m saint.
slaan vt beat; strike; take, capture.
slaap (slapen) m sleep; temple.
slag (slagen)m blow, stroke, hit; slap, cuff.
slagen (slaagde, is geslaagd)vi succeed.
slaper (-s) m sleeper.
slaperig sleepy, drowsy.
slecht aj bad; evil; poor (as in poorly done). For poor as in moneyless, see armoedig.
slepen vt drag; tow; (musical) slur notes.
sloeg (sloegen) VT v. slaan struck.
smal narrow; thin.
smelting (-en) v melting, fusion; smelting.
snarenspel o string music.
snavel (-s)m bill, beak.
snel swift, quick, fast.
soep (-en) v soup; broth.
soldaat (soldaten) m soldier.
som (sommen)v (totaalbedrag) sum, total amount.
somber aj gloomy, sombre.
Spanje o Spain.
speelautomaat (-en)m fruit machine.
spel (spelen) o play; game.
spellen (spelde, h. gespeld)vt&vi spell.
spreken vt speak, say.
staan vi stand, be; sleep; become.
stap (-pen)m step, pace.
steeds ad always, for ever, ever. aj town.
steek (steken)m stitch; stab; thrust; sting.
stem (-men)v voice; vote; part [music].
stenen aj of stone, stone.
stolp (-en)v cover, glass bell, shade.
stoom m steam.
stoomboot (-boten)m&v steamboat, steamer, steamship.
stout aj(moedig) bold, daring, audacious; sanguine.
straal (stralen)m&v ray, beam, gleam; flash; spout, jet; radius. ad completely, through and through.
strand (-en)o beach; shore.
stro o straw.

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tanden (tandde, h. getand)vt tooth, indent, cog.
te at, in; too; to.
tegelijk at the same time, at a time, at once; together.
tegen prep against; towards; by; at; for; to.
telefooncel (-len)vcall-box, telephone kiosk.
telkens (voortdurend) again and again, at every turn; (iedere keer) every time, each time.
tenen aj osier, wicker [basket]. Also: plural of teen (toe).
tersluiks stealthily, by stealth, on the sly.
teveel o surplus.
tevreden aj (predikatief) content; (attributief) contented.
thuis o home.
tijd (-en)m time; period; season; tense.
tijdschrift (-en)o periodical, magazine, review.
tik (-ken)mtrouch, pat, rap, flick.
toch (niettegenstaande dat) yet, still, for all that, nevertheless; (werkelijk) really; (zeker) surely; (ongeduild uitdrukkend) ever.
toebedelen vi allot, assign.
toelopen vi come running on.
toen ad then, at that time; cj when, as.
toon (tonen)m tone; pitch; (klank) sound.
toonladder (-s)v gamut, scale.
tot prep to, as far as; till, until, to; as for.
transpireren (transpireerde, h. getranspireerd)vi perspire.
trap (-pen)m kick; step; degree,step; stage; stairs, staircase; step-ladder.
trein (-en) m train; retinue, suite.
trekken vi draw, pull, tug.
treurig sad, sorrowful, mournful, pitiful.
tuimelen (tuimelde, h. en is getuimeld)vi tumble, topple.
tule v tulle. A type of curtain.
tussen between; among.

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uit prep out of, from.
uitlopen vi run out; go out; turn out; put out to sea; bleed.

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vaak m sleepiness; ad often, frequently.
vaderliefde v a father's lover, paternal love.
vaderschap o paternity, fatherhood.
van prep of; from, with, for.
vandaag today.
veeg m,v wipe; whisk; slap, box.
veel aj much; a great deal, a lot; many.
verbinden vt join; connect; link, tie; combine.
verdwijnen vi disappear, vanish.
vergeten vt forget. aj forgotten.
verhaal (-halen)o story, tale, narrative.
verheugd aj glad, pleased.
verklaren vt Explain, elucidate, interpret; declare; certify.
verlengen vt make longer, lengthen, prolong; renew.
verliefd enamoured, in love; amorous.
verstaan vt understand, know.
vertellen vt tell, relate, narrate.
vertrek o departure, sailing.
vertrekken o room, apartment.
vertrekken vt leave, start, set out; (with boot) sail; (with vliegtuig) take off; twitch.
vervolg (-en)o continuation, sequel; future.
verzamelen vt gather; collect; store up; assemble; rally; compile.
vinden vt find; think; feel.
vinger (-s)m finger.
vlak aj flat, level; plane; ad flatly; right.
vleermuis (-muizen)v bat.
vliegen vi fly.
vluchteling (-en)m fugitive; refugee.
vlug aj quick. ad quickly, quick.
vogeltje (-s)o little bird.
vol full, filled.
volgen (volgde, h. en is gevolgd)vt follow; follow up; watch; track; attend; take.
voor prep for; before, in front of.
voorbereiden vt prepare.
voorbij prep beyond, past.
voordeur (-en)v front door, street-door.
vooruit forward; before, beforehand, in advance.
vooruitgang m progress, improvement.
vorig former, previous.
vraag (vragen) v question; query; request; demand.
vragen vt ask; wanted.
vriend (-en)m friend.
vriendelijk aj kind, friendly, affable; pleasant.
vriendje (-s)o little friend.
vroeg aj early.
vrolijk aj merry, gay, cheerful.
vrucht (-en)v fruit.
vuur (vuren)ofire; ardour; dry rot.

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waaien vi blow; flutter in the wind.
waar ad where. cj where; since, as
waaraan on which, to which.
waarom cj why
waarschijnlijk aj probable, likely.
waaruit from which, whence.
wacht (-en en -s)m&v watch, guard; clue.
wachten (wachtte, h. gewacht)vi wait; just a moment.
wagon (-s)m carriage; van; wagon, truck.
wakker aj awake, waking; smart; spry; brisk.
want cj for.
warm aj warm.
we =wij we.
weer v defence, resistance; o weather; ad again.
wees (wezen)VT,v (wijzen) show, point out.
weet v be in the know.
weg (wegen)m way, road, path, route. ad away; gone, lost.
weinig little; few.
wel (-len)v spring, well; ad well; rightly.
welk vragend vnmv which, what;
weten vt know; be aware of.
wezen vi be; o being, creature, existence.
wij we.
wijs (wijzen)v manner, way; mood; tune, melody. aj wise.
wijzen vt show, point out; pronounce; vi point.
willen vi&va will; be willing.
wimpel m pennant, streamer.
wist (wisten) VT van (weten) knew.
witten (witte, g. gewit)vt wihtewash.
wonen (woonde, h. gewoond)vi live, reside, dwell.
worden vi become, get, go, grow, turn, fall.

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Note: The letter Y as first letter is found only in words of foreign origin in Dutch. In this location, it is pronounced as a Dutch J. One can also increasingly find Y in places historically occupied by the letter IJ; in this context, Y is pronounced as the Dutch IJ or EI diphthong. To assist clarity for the student of Dutch, words which begin with IJ are listed as though they begin with I in this dictionary.

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zacht aj soft; mild; smooth.
zak (-ken)m bag; sack; pocket; pouch.
zakken (zakte, is gezakt)vi fall; sag; subside; fail. (zakte, h. gezakt) vt bag, sack.
zand o sand.
ze she, her; they, them.
zee v sea, ocean.
zeegat (-gaten)o mouth of a harbour or river; outlet to the sea.
zeggen vt say; tell.
zeker aj attributief certain; sure.
zelf self.
zenuw (-en)v nerve.
zetel (-s)m seat, chair;
zich oneself, himself, themselves.
zien vt see, perceive.
zijn pron his. vi be
zingen vi&va sing; chant.
zo ad so, like that, such; thus, like this; as; presently.
zocht (zochten)VT (zoeken)
zoeken vt look for; seek.
zo'lang cj so (as) long as; meanwhile.
zuidelijk aj southern.
zulk such.
zullen shall; will.
zuur aj sour; acid; tart. o pickles.
zwaar (zware) aj heavy; massive, heavily built, stout; av heavily.
zwart aj black.
zwenk (-en)m turn.
zwenking (-en) v turn, swerve.

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Nonexistent Letters

The letters AE, O/, and A* do not exist in Dutch.


Note: We use the Dutch abbreviations (m, o, v) for nouns, since gender is not represented in English. For all other terms, we use English abbreviations.

m -- mannelijk: a masculine noun, which takes article de and pronouns hij, hem and zijn.
o -- onzijdig: a neuter noun, which takes article het and pronouns het, het and zijn.
v -- vrouwelijk: a feminine noun, which takes article de and pronouns zij, haar and haar.

ad -- an adverb: Dutch bw or bijwoord.
aj -- an adjective: Dutch bn or bijvoeglijk naamwoord.
cj -- a conjunction: Dutch vgw or voegwoord.
ij -- an interjection.
prep -- a preposition.
pron -- a pronoun.
vi -- verb intransitive.
vt -- verb transitive.

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